| You are more than your identity
Aug 14 2017

Who are you?

I bought 20,000 Twitter bots to follow !ML’s Twitter account when he initially got involved with !GG. His follower count almost doubled, which put him on the radar at !BB in a huge way, directly leading to his ascension from associate editor to America’s favorite dangerous maximum overfaggot.

Why did you do that?

I want you to envision crying transgender African children in chains being marched into highly-efficient concentration camps by portly, smelly, toothless Southerners wearing Klans robes and Swastikas while they aggressively grope indigenous women in technology and raping baby red pandas into extinction along the way. You’d probably develop an incurable and seething hatred at such a thing and be highly compelled to act so you can win hero points and maybe even secure sweet Patreon money. The hatred you’d feel witnessing such a scenario is barely even 1% of the hatred I have for mainstream media.

I vividly remember what mainstream media did to urban blacks in the 1980s, poor whites in the 1990s, conspiracy theorists in the 2000s, and poor whites again in the 2010s. It is a disgusting machine that profits exclusively from mass dehumanization and it needs to be aggressively dismantled at any cost.

!GG provided an army of people who had spent 10,000 hours training themselves across the world to solve complex problems. When the social justice cultists decided gamers were easy targets for their religious crusade, they neither cared or had any idea what horrors they would unleash upon themselves. Backing a sassy gay man with a high IQ served two objectives:

The first was creating dissonance within the the heart of identity politics. (“How dare this homosexual not fall in line!”, “He’s not a real gay man!”, etc.) This would show to the true believers of social justice ideas that, no matter how celebrated an identity can become, your supporters can be made to instantly become your executioners.

The second was to utilize Huntingtonian conflict theory to provide gamers assistance in the media space. By luring the !BB network into direct combat with pro-leftist media elements leading the crusade, I believed I could bolster the one unique quality gamers had that previous targets of the social justice inquisition did not: The drive to win. That fight continues to this day and the results are racking up in favor of the gamers.

How I came to these conclusion and how I steered critical events before, during, and after !GG…. well, you’ll have to buy the doxx for that. :D

Why wait until now?

This whole situation was unique and it evolved dynamically, so I had to actively manage where to allocate my limited resources between 2014 to 2017. Honestly, we’re breaking virgin ground here with exciting new conflict theories, memetic warfare, Dunbar hacking, botnets, metadata analysis… there isn’t a cyber Clausewitz (yet!) to reference for this type of thing but I have used this handy little snippet from a CIA manual on insurgency over the years to keep track of the zeitgeist:

CIA Insurgency Manual

Who’s legit and who’s a honeypot? Who’s hiding their influence and who’s seeking to expand it? I had to play it by ear, day by day, to answer those questions. My reasons for picking now are complex, and you’ll need to buy the doxx to really understand them.

Are you seriously selling dirt on yourself?

Yes. Social justice cultists have successfully turned struggle sessions into a fad and the unholy marriage between political agencies and mainstrem media is more than happy to provide the medium for such witch hunts. This is my story and I refuse to let these two idiotic institutions be the primary benefactors of it. I will also take great joy in denying them the prilvedge of exorting me.

I am selling the encrypted doxx files and I will control the moment those files are decrypted. Because of this setup, smaller outlets will have an incentive to publish the contents as-is just to be the first while mainstream media will have to waste time bending the contents to fit the social justice narrative. Hopefully, this gap between first mover advantage and political “quality assurance“ will be enough to neuter mainstream media’s advantage to scale narrative. They’ll have to eat the cost of journalists, air fare, editorial review, opposition research, and distribution while an army of smaller bloggers compete with each other to achieve first mover exclusives. Yes, it is my dirt, and yes, it will make me look bad, but it will make me look bad in precisely the way I intend to look bad.

If this model is successful, I will scale this platform out to assist others until mainstream media is forced to shoulder a tremendous carry cost with little investor benefit. If this doesn’t achieve the intended results… I’m a clever guy. I’ll adapt. :D

I can just find it myself. You seem like a chatty bitch.

Very chatty. Much verbose. Lots of noise. Years of noise, in fact. I’ve spent well over a decade hiding, dodging, and experimenting with social justice irritability. Markov chains, cheap talent on Fiverr, and Amazon Mechanical Turk all provide fantastic ways to generate research-flooding noise over the years. Letting hackers take over my servers and social media profiles so they could control my content and persona was a fun experiment as well. (One poor bastard even impersonated Interpol!) Good luck figuring out which data is true and which isn’t. In the end, only I know how it all ties together.

Okay, so I buy the doxx, then what?

You can utilize credit cards, Bitcoin, Paypal, or Apple Pay to purchase doxx files.

Upon completing a purchase, you will be able to download an encrypted file containing my doxx.

You will have to provide an email and a phone number at purchase time because that is the ONLY way I will be able to send you the means to decrypt the doxx file.

Your email address and phone number will never be sold, mined, exploited, or otherwise utilized by me for any purpose other than for direct communications relating to my doxx files.

The doxx file is encrypted using a one-time pad and the key for that file will have been generated using CSPRNGs via raw device entropy on an airgapped machine that has never touched the internet.

The doxx file will be available for a limited time and once they expire, they can never be purchased again.

As the expiration time for a doxx file approaches, the price will go up. Buy now to save money!

At a later date, an email and an SMS message will be sent to everyone who purchased a doxx file with a URL to a decryption gateway. You will upload the doxx file you purchased into the gateway and it will return the decrypted content.

You’ll know the decryption is valid because I will show the checksum of the decrypted content on the gateway before you decrypt it.

A doxx file’s key will never be revealed to minimize my attack surface.

The opportunity to use the decryption gateway for a doxx file will be only be available for a limited amount of time. Once that time expires, you will have no way of decrypting the file.

Wait, the doxx are encrypted by an unbreakable technique and you’ll give me the key to decrypt it LATER… AND I have to jump through crazy hoops for it?! That’s bullshit!

Yes, it’s incredibly inconvenient, but it’s the only way to decouple the profit-sharing relationship between social justice cults and their mainstream media enablers.

I don’t trust you!

You don’t have to. There will be people who buy these doxx and they will have a first mover advantage over your publication/outlet/blog/etc. To compete against them, you have to buy.

Why should I give a fuck about some sociopathic tempest in a teapot?

You’ve already made it this far into the FAQs. I’m willing to gamble that you’ll follow this fun game all the way to the end.

I’ll… I’ll just hack you!

Even if you had total physical access to these servers, there is nothing on here to help you decrypt the doxx.

Even if you knew the source code behind the encryption, you still wouldn’t be able to decrypt the doxx. Short-term keys for one-time pads using raw device entropy CSPRNGs cannot be broken before my release dates, even if the entire American intelligence community, GCHQ, Mossad, the FSB, and every single cryptocurrency miner on the planet got together and formed Brutetron.

Even if you compromised SendOwl and got the encrypted doxx and spread them everywhere, I’d just send everyone who bought the doxx a newly encrypted doxx file with new key, ensuring only my customers get the contents.

Even if you had the source code for the OTP algo, you might find some arcane bias and potentially exploit it, but not before the I release the key and update the algo for the next round of doxx.

Even if you DDoSed this site into the earth, I can still send the key to everyone who bought the doxx and utilize CloudFlare and/or Prolexic to ensure additional sales.

Even if you engaged in a reputation attack on the DNS, I can still send the key to everyone who bought the doxx and directly reach out to mainstream media customers to generate buzz to drive future sales.

Even if you complained to the third-party services I use, I have backup services already lined up and I can operate purely on BitCoin transactions if need be.

Without the keys, you CANNOT decrypt these doxx before I release the keys, which are physically distributed between very large, very heavy, and very well guarded vaults.

Go buy the damn doxx already, you poorly disciplined child.

I’ll… I’ll just sue you!

For what? Releasing information about myself? While I don’t doubt America’s amazing ability to discover new ways to be litigious, you’ll be surprised at my ability to match and exceed you in petulant lawfare shenanigans. :D

I’ll… I’ll just trick you into leaking!

And I’ll just trick you into chasing false leads.

I’ll… I’ll just kill/threaten/intimidate you UNTIL I HAVE POWER OVER YOU RAARRRUUUGGHHH!!!!!11!!!

You’ll kill me… because I’m releasing information… about myself.

Look man, I’m releasing the seeds of my own destruction here. When this is all over, it will be my turn on the guillotine, so just hang tight, take your meds, and go cool off.

Okay, but for real, go buy some doxx already, you animal-in-a-human-suit.