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Feb 7 2016

This site has been the targeted of a prolonged siege (via bots, comment spamming, and reputation poisoning) against what I am presuming to be those who disagree with the semblance of ideology being presented on this blog. Therefore, I will be actively shutting down suspicious activity at the HTTP server and releasing logs of all suspicious activity.

Friday, Feburary 5th, 2016

Spammer from LeaseWeb Netherlands (Made 10,000+ false requests)

Bot (Engaging in reputation poisoning)

SoftLayer Technologies (Engaging in unauthorized pentesting)

Automattic (Spreading content across an internet network without visiting a page)

Individual addresses: (Directly accessing the same content that Automattic was reading) (Comcast, Indianapolis, Indiana) (Engaging in unauthorized pentesting) (Bell Canada, Oakville, Ontario)