We Are All Terrorists Now

 When the music industry was undermined by file distribution software, people who downloaded files were called terrorists.

 When the news industry was under attack from social media, people who didn't blindly recite The NarrativeĀ® were called terrorists.

 When the financial industry melted down in 2008 and BitCoin rose to challenge central banking, people who used them were called terrorists.

 When the university industry came under attack due to self-learning programs on the Internet, people who were capable of teaching themselves were called terrorists.

 When the telecom industry comes under attack due to widespread usage of open source streaming platforms, those people who live stream will be called terrorists.

 When the labor industry can no longer compete against an autonomous robotic workforce, those people who use them will be called terrorists.

 If you adapt to the destruction of these monopolies and survive, you are a terrorist. If you cling to the old ways and suffer, you are a good citizen.

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