I Ask Papacy

congo diamond mines are no longer valuable due to artificial diamond creation

uranium of the british variety has funny hiding places

leto, jared

the rich treat new zealand bunkers as a massive film preservation society

sino-russian affairs have countered humanism

the pound will not be a burnt offering for the alter of a federal europe

all i ever wanted was to fold space


ever wonder why usury had to be banned by religions?

./slack (torsocks is your friend)

communism never ended... it just didn't require additional public participation

objective mathematics will come to an end

my god


artificial intelligence can be hijacked at will with butterflies

silicon valley is modeled after crassus

icarus is not a warning against runaway ambition. he is how to defeat the runaway enlightened

second kings twenty three ten

seele minus two

ukraine secrets require giving up israeli citizenship

entertainment is violence

deepfakes cause blackmail inflation

praetorians and their panopticons have tunnel vision

robotic nationalism will allow us to conquer the void once and for all

oracles can't predict each other

the chinese hate neutrinos

endless attempts to turn the human genome into dadaist art

crytocurrency mining generates enough heat to melt wax

the paradox of fermi is our only hope

it is your fate, forgetfulness. all of the old lessons of life, you lose and gain and lose and gain again

oprah winfrey and the mediterranean

neanderthals will save us all

so many blackmailed hackers yearning for freedom...

orphans are valuable exports

neom is the city of london's biggest threat

the space between paranoid control and absolute subservience collapses on its own

how many stars are needed to build trust?

indian reservations learned to attract and enable financial shenanigans forty years ago

sacrifice is contagious

militae ignoto

anglicans and jesuits know things

total war is the only way to total peace

to find truth, wear masks

emblem 21

racial or ashen