Qanon is an cryptosocial phenomenon. To describe it any further requires one to openly announce which ideological horse they wish to ride to justify their interpretation. Below is a list of additional descriptors associated with Qanon:

 Given the propensity of Qanon to trigger a medley of personal projections and revenge fantasies, the only accurate and reproducible assessment of Qanon is that they are a cryptosocial phenomenon with strong emotive content. The most common emotive response is the creation of coordinated media hits against Qanon over and over and over again.

It's 4AM... it's 4... A... M...

 Maybe I've been listening to too much Hail Mary Mallon, but there is one statement that Qanon brought up a few times that hasn't given serious analysis in the technology space: The daily "fake news" update at 4AM. Traditionally, farmers, currency traders, and executives wake up at 4AM to begin preparing for their day by consuming the earliest news updates.. But what does it mean when news is no longer distributed hot-off-the-press for early bird movers-and-shakers and, instead, is delivered directly to the consumer after having been filtered through insider-moderated algorithms and AIs trained to drive down the ranks of political contexts?

What would it mean if a censorious AI platform restarted its training regime every day at the time journalists traditionally release new material?

 Prime query: What would it mean if the creators of that AI reached out to certain journalists of "authoritative" outlets and taught them how to create articles that would train the AI to delist, derank, and demote people and concepts based entirely upon context and word usage of those articles?

 Sounds like a conspiracy, yes? I don't dabble in conspiracy, I dabble in science. We can test this query.

Deploying qanon.exe

 If the above premise holds, all things Qanon have been pre-trained to be deranked, deboosted, and demoted by censorious AI platforms. That means anyone associated with Qanon will experience difficulties in spreading their information through social media or search engines. Because of this, we can now weaponize Qanon to shadowban anyone we want without restraint.

  1. Create a bunch of Twitter bots and populate them with Qanon paraphernalia, phrases, descriptions, and avatars
  2. Have them follow other Qanon accounts to ruin the reputation of your bots.
  3. Find almost-influencers with less than 100k followers and send your bots to follow them and like their posts.
  4. That influencer will be shadowbanned in a day.

 Congratulations, the qanon.exe technique will silence anyone you want with the full support of mainstream media. This technique is a reputation poisoning variation deployed for blackhat SEO operations with two important mutations:

  1. The need to suppress Qanon outweights the need to fix exploits like this.
  2. It shadowbans influencers who then react by telling their followers they've been targeted by an exploit of a very questionable and potentially illegal censorship AI.

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