Gnostic Warfare

 Gnostic Warfare is a holistic analysis of attack vectors focused on compromising the common elements shared between multiple modes of cognition. Psychological operations target human biases, but cognitive operations target shared traits between human, machine, animal, neural, and hybrid methodologies of cognitive, approximate cognition, and anti-cognition. Butterfly War is an example of a cognitive operation, Its battlespace is defined not only by the psychological and ideological biases of the human operators and owners of an AI platform, but also by the epistemological limitations of the AI platform itself.

 Elements of Butterfly War have since been experimented upon and understood by many actors, both state and non-state. To help people understand how to execute and improve upon such campaigns themselves, they will need to study the relationships between information entropy, evolutionary psychology, and the mechanics of cognitive equilibrium. These are not simple concepts by themselves and they are even more difficult to bring together. That's why I've begun a training and outreach operation to help answer the many questions Butterfly War has unleashed. Milanote is a fantastic brainstorming app and I highly recommend it. Over time, as people build their own Milanote boards, we can connect them all together and form an ecosystem dedicated to Gnostic Warfare.

  • Training Overview: This is a central hub for Gnostic Warfare. In addition to training, up-to-date information about Gnostic Warfare operations will be posted here.
  • Gnostic Warfare Discussion: If you have any questions, visit our text-only discussion board on 8chan.
  • Information Theory Overview: Discover how information is represented and how to exploit the limitations within those representations.
  • Epistemology Overview: Epistemology is the philosophy of knowledge. A book is made up of many letters and data, but only when you read it will the data have the chance to become knowledge. Any limitations of machine learning can be discovered through this philosophy.
  • Cognition Overview: Explore how the neuron evolved over two billion years and what it means for machine learning, neurology, and the nature of reality.
  • Machine Learning Overview: Understand the means of collecting, analyzing, and categorizing huge amounts of data and review the many machine learning techniques used to extract meaningful knowledge.
  • Geopolitics Overview: The history of the world through the lense of gold, from Croesus of Lydia to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.
  • Legal Overview: Coming soon!
  • Organization and Leadership Overview: Coming soon!
  • Finance Overview: Coming soon!

 To ensure these materials persist, the Milanote boards have been exported as PDFs and Mardown files and will be placed on IPFS.

 To help get people started with seeing the world the way machine learning sees it, I've written some JavaScript to load into your 8chan User JS settings. It will perform a naive Bayesian classification and sentiment analysis on 8chan posts. It looks like this:

null - See 8chan how AI sees it

 This script will help get people started in Gnostic Warfare by allowing them to see reality the same way machine learning does.

 You can review the source code here.

 Regarding the SHA512 hash from my New Emotion post, I am going back on my word and will not be revealing its contents. That SHA512 will have an impact on a midterm election that I do not wish to interfere with. I will reveal its contents at a later date.

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