New Emotion

The Butterfly War described the concept of cyber phrenology and detailed how make automated censorship platforms target unintended targets.

 Here's the most comprehensive timeline of contributing factors for the idea:

 When I initially chronicled these events, I had done so via an impromptu AMA on 8chan that has been active for almost four months. The community's response yielded an extremely unexpected outcome. The curiosity, interplay, and revelations were genuine enough to make me start organizing my efforts in a more formal and accessible way. Ever since I started The Abusive Oracle, I've left hidden and complicated clues everywhere to protect myself and to send signals to certain types of personalities. After everything that has been going on, I believe the world just might finally be ready to tackle the problem of the new emotion and what it means for national security, domestic affairs, economic arrangements, and human destiny.

 If all goes as planed, next week will bring this act of the story to an end. To verify my involvement in that upcoming event, this SHA-512 was generated based on a sentence involving the names and actions of the event that will take place. I injected a newline after every 32 characters to improve readability on mobile devices:


 By Friday of next week, I will release the sentence used to generate the hash above. I used the following command on a Debian-flavor of Linux:

echo "<my hidden message to reveal next friday" | sha512sum

UPDATE: I had begun writing this on January 10th, 2018 and the date was incorrectly published. I've since updated the date and URL to reflect the date the article was actually released. (Thanks @eli_schiff)

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