The Butterfly War

 This post is going to take a more casual tone because, I fear, it's the only way to convey the seriousness of its contents.

null - How To Hijack Project Shield

 My name is Patrick Ryan. I'm the voice of Nightmare in Soul Caliber 3. (That page stretches my face lol) It was my very first voice over gig and it was the very first voice over gig I ever auditioned for. I was told it was for a “necromancer” and the booth director had no idea what that was, so I said I'd give him a reference track. He submitted it and they took it. I didn't know it was for Soul Caliber until I was at the actual recording session. I was paid $2,000 and no residuals. Yay. As I write this, I feel what I'm about to reveal is officially part of the Randy Quaid-tier Z-list celebrity wacky conspiracy club. I kept meticulous documentation distributed across multiple parties to do my best to stay out of such associations.

I bought Milo Yiannopolous 20,000 Twitter followers on November 26th, 2014. He asked me not to do it. I did it anyways (Some more proof) I wanted to make sure Breitbart doubled down on GamerGate because it needed a culture warrior veteran like Bannon to drive the mass media front. I took a snapshot of the bot tracker in 2015 to make sure my bots were still there. (Looks like a few thousand of them fell off after a year.) It was a controversial play, but it was the correct strategic move. I basically tricked Breitbart's social media metrics to make them move in a direction I needed.

I found a problem with Gawker's ad infrastructure. DigiDay even picked up on it. I'll get into how this involved Peter Thiel later on...

 I own this site. You might have seen an article or two floating around from time to time at interesting moments over the past few years. Or not. ZeroHedge liked my work. My work even got cited by someone once. Neoreactionists tend to like this site. I had one of them track me down in real life. He was a nice guy.

 The contents of this site document my social experiments with 4chan's /pol/ in the period before GamerGate... experiments that would be directly responsible for Silicon Valley's right-side-of-history crusade against GamerGate.

 Okay, enough with the credentials. Let's get to business: What started with GG AutoBlocker became Project Shield, Google's effort to automatically censor anyone who doesn't conform to Silicon Valley moral supremacy. Project Shield is a multi-layered part-human, part-AI platform that uses mostly meta data signatures to preemptively discover and stop “problematic” opinions. If you recall, this initiative was created with great fanfare at nearly every phase, with Gamer Gate's "Literally Whos" invited to participate in Google Ideas, which lead directly to Jigsaw.

 I found a way to hijack those censorship platforms. All of them. No matter how many changes or patches or advancements to AI that occur, my hijack works in every scenario. We can hijack Project Shield and make it target social justice warriors. I recently had a Tweet Moment about this. It bares repeating here with additional details because I'm sure the time will come when Twitter removes it.

 Let's start with a phrase: Cyber Phrenology. This means using the volume and quality of meta data as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities. Every major Silicon Valley corporation sells and legitimizes cyber phrenology for advertising, politics, militaries, and academics. Moral supremacists think they can use these techniques to stop Nazis, the Alt-Right, and others who aren't Silicon Valley-sanctioned ideologies. But what if there was a way to make those tools target morally cherished protected classes instead? Would they see the problem with their efforts and stop their madness? Would they try to find ways around it? Would they lobby against Civil Rights? I find it's best to steer the answer when you have multiple questions like this.

In 2013, I was studying the communication differences between 4chan's /pol/ and Tumblr. I found that social media gamified communication and created monocultures based on strategies that maximize attention economy efficiency. I also found that anonymous forums had a unique ability to interfere with these games by leveraging what I call "The Butterfly Attack". This attack is named after the Müller interpretation of the mimetic polymorphism found in lepidoptera, commonly known as butterflies.

 Darwin had a hard time explaining the variations of butterfly wing patterns. Fritz Müller proposed a radical solution. Müller proposed that some butterflies tasted bad. Predators learned to avoid butterflies that tasted bad based on their wing patterns The other butterflies, however, were eaten. Those who survived ended up with wing patterns that looked like the bad tasting butterflies. The predator, unable to tell the difference, avoided both. Once you understand the concept, this part is key: "Multiple species can join this protective cooperative, expanding the mimicry ring."

 In America, we have a legal concept called "protected classes" which was established by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This concept protects against the discrimination of people based on race, color, religion, national origin, age (40 and over), sex, pregnancy, citizenship, familial status, disability status, veteran status, and genetic information. These are morally immutable concepts to the average Western citizen. Think of these protected properties as "wing patterns". These patterns tell potential legal predators to avoid targeting these people. Cultural efforts, primarily through the education system and Hollywood, were also made to make everyone else was afraid of these wing patterns as well.

 One day, Twitter users decided to start a hashtag called #solidarityIsForWhiteWomen and I saw a chance to try out my theory: What if people could trick others into thinking they were members of a protected class?

 This theory required me to convince /pol/ to be black feminists to amplify the shaming of white feminists. It was /pol/'s first successful raid. 4chan nostalgia confirms this:

 As I stated before, I documented the entire experiment. In broad daylight. I suffered a few DDoSes and reputation poison attacks for it. Here were the results:

 The conclusion was astounding: White feminists were so afraid of Civil Rights wing patterns, they feared retaliating against black feminist rage. (The hashtag was legit, btw. White feminists cry about pixels. Black feminists can't feed their kids. I don't feel bad for what I did.)

Later on, those /pol/lacks I trained went on to start #endFathersDay. A Time Magazine op-ed hilariously ran with it as if it was legit. Müller's conclusion was proven right again: "Multiple species can join this protective cooperative, expanding the mimicry ring." The desire to join Civil Rights wing patterns expanded the mimicry ring from Twitter to mainstream news. And when GamerGate happened, the mimicry ring expanded yet again to encompass politics as well.

 The #NotMyShield hashtag appeared at the beginning of GamerGate to show that non-white non-males were also gamers. This effort also contained those same /pol/lacks I trained. Ars Technica revealed such associations. By then, I've learned all I needed: Tinkering with Civil Rights wing patterns results in instantly escalating, highly sustainable, multi-domain, mass participation conflict.

 I am well studied in conflict theory. So when a conclusion like that rears its ugly head, I was very ready for what was going to happen next. I kept my involvement in those early GamerGate events secret for three years until two weeks ago. Let's go into the conflict theories I used:

 I used all four to make sure GamerGate would keep going. When Milo appeared, I bought 20,000 Twitter followers for him. I doubled his followers to make sure Breitbart would get involved. It was important to bring gamers into a culture war, especially since they've spent most of their lives being blamed for school shootings, rape culture, and other nonsensical scapegoating. I did this because I saw gamers in a unique future role: Think Ender's Game, but for mass economic mobilization. I do believe I got drunk one night and sort of leaked a little bit of this part of the story on 8chan's /v/. I think someone took some screenshots and saved my drunken rant. Embarrassing. I haven't had a drink in four months.

 When Gawker proved obsessed with their anti-gamer crusade, I inspected their ad exchange networks to find if they were cheating. My efforts ended up on DigiDay. Ad exchanges were now valid battle grounds for the culture war. That would end up being very important later on when Google got involved.

 When Thiel got involved, I realized that this was getting way bigger than I thought. It confirmed my suspicions about gamers being the key to the future. And Hulk Hogan... oh man... I once dated a girl who lived down the street from him and the guy who did THE IMMORTAL went to my wedding. It's a small world after all. I was able to deduce a few things without people directly or indirectly leaking anything, so don't bother trying to find people violating NDAs. They didn't.

 I did email Thiel, however, explaining everything. I knew he wouldn't respond, but the email would be timestamped proof of my ability to predict the outcome of the conflict. In that email lies my plans for mass economic mobilization of gamers. They're good plans with good intentions and great outcomes. It's just the sausage making is always ugly.

As GamerGate escalated, Google got involved in the form of Google Ideas. This gave birth to Jigsaw. Jigsaw runs Project Shield, a platform that analyzes meta data to figure out who is and is not a right-wing extremist. Meta data as in accelerometer metrics, touch screen interactions, keystrokes, search behavior, sentiment analysis, friendships, etc.

 This entire crazy mess of escalating culture warriors was all because of The Butterfly Attack. Pretending to be protected classes caused the establishment to react with full force displays of cultural and moral supremacy. After careful study and preparation, I've decided to provide the final piece of this experiment, the one that breaks the very center of the machine called Western postmodernism: You can train Project Shield to target protected classes, thus, putting Eric Schmidt in the cross hairs of Civil Rights violations. And not just Eric Schmidt, but the entire Silicon Valley apparatus. That's why they escalated so hard during GamerGate. They knew they were going to have to partake in questionable actions like cyber phrenology. This explains why Google is hiring so many "journalists" as of late.

If one can generate meta data behavior that resembles a protected class, automated censorship efforts like Project Shield will fail.

If you can spoof the meta data of protected classes, you will be immune to Project Shield. The predator will not eat bad tasting things.

 But... because tinkering with Civil Rights wing patterns causes mass conflict, progressives will demand Silicon Valley does something to stop this. Google would be forced to engage in even more disturbing volumes of "cyber phrenology".

 Think: Oh, he's clicking like a black man. He's swiping like a female. They'll have to categorize protected class meta data behavior to protect them. I don't think you can imagine how many Civil Rights laws that would violate, especially when their deplatforming actions accidentally target actual protected classes. The alternative, of course, is to do nothing and give anti-globalism critics a free ride on their networks. Either outcome results in Civil Rights erosions.

 I tried to warn David Petraeus of this in December. I sent him and email, explaining how I've compromised the entire Jigsaw initiative. Jigsaw brought him on because of his efforts during the Surge in 2007. He's a brilliant military strategist.

 How do you maximize an all-volunteer military that has been cycled through multiple tours and received no training in urban occupation? It's the same question as: How do you maximize a finite number of community managers who received no training in memetic warfare? You use meta data! DoD captures all Iraqi telecom data and analyzes the meta data for behavior that indicates if someone is gonna go hot. Petraeus used this heavily to make sure the door kickers were allocated for high impact missions. Fits right into Jigsaw's needs. If I was Jigsaw, I'd bring on Petraeus as well. He's the first general in history to successfully integrate the meta data domain into urban conflict.

 This also means Google is deploying military-tested techniques and methodologies against American citizens as if they were a destabilized, displaced, and distressed population.

 I did not receive a response to my email. I guess he's had enough email problems.

 So, how does one spoof meta data? It's easier than you think.

  • Make friends with members of protected classes that hold non-Progressive ideas. This tricks biometric qualifiers.
  • Deep cover fake accounts allow you to blend in ideologically for prolonged periods of time. You can find and exploit divisions with these. Those exploits will cause actual progressives to generate non-progressive ideas under progressive meta data signatures.
  • Promote nationalist impulses among protected classes. Transfurria has a right to self-determination just as much as Israel.
  • My personal favorite, clever programming can constantly generate background meta data for a new persona you create. Test results of what you generate against what ads your persona sees on social media. Once the ads match those seen for a protected class, go to town with anti-globalist critics and anti-Silicon Valley discussions.
  • Silicon Valley work forces are made mostly of first-generations from other cultures that are mostly not progressive in the Western sense. China, Korea, and Vietnam spent the last half of the 20th century either running from or killing communists. Some have had family involved. These potential Silicon Valley defectors, especially from Google, are fucking gold mines. Devs always keep a copy of code/db dumps. As the defectors pile up, they will bring more and more evidence of cyber phrenology. Silicon Valley will have its Snowden moment.

 As these efforts go into full swing and the defectors pile up, Silicon Valley will have to institute Scientology-style restrictions of expression and behavior. These limitations will only create more defectors as internal reprimands become more reactionary. If you need help finding the psychology of Silicon Valley developers, mine HackerNews and IRC logs for sentiment analysis about their behaviors and allegiances.

 Silicon Valley wanted to engage in infinite conflict escalation over their obsession with Civil Rights wing patterns. This zeal will be their undoing. We will make them eat the bad butterflies until they can't have another bite. Then we will make them eat more.

 Welcome to the Butterfly War.

The Pivot

 I have not posted in some time because I wanted to watch the result of the election play out. I wanted to see what the emotional addicts, the social justice warriors, and the rest of the irrationals would do when their “Right Side of History” cult was deprived of executive privilege. I also wanted to see what the nationalists, [who have been long since been abandoned by the system of social and economic support]head.1), would do with their new found representation. Finally, I wanted to see what the entrenched powers would do to protect their cult state.

 The results are in after one hundred days: Nationalists, those who believe the productivity and output of their efforts belong to their people and neighbors, are still reviled as racial supremacists despite a pro-citizen theme having sufficient representation in the leadership position of the executive branch. In fact, the cult state doubled down on the urgency to purge them from influence. Why?

 Why is the idea of the productive output of a people belonging to that people such a sin? The reasoning dates back to the artifacts of civilization itself.

 Alexander the Great was the first to demonstrate that mankind could be unified despite differences between language, cultural, and religious expectations. Alexander laid the foundation for the expectations of future globalists, giving them hope that all of mankind could be domesticated into a singular direction to supersede their local and tangible concerns. In attempting to fulfill this lofty goal, he successfully reallocated the gold assets accumulated during the long reign of Babylonian antiquity into the Mediterranean economy. His dream, shaped by Aristotle, had secured a heart-stopping volume of wealth for him, his peers, and the rest of all subsequent Western civilization. This promise of wealth recentralization is what all globalists yearn for when they embrace the platitudes of equality. The unification of mankind is sold as a moral end, but it is actually a pragmatic means of achieving wealth recentralization.

 In this paradigm, the nationalist is a member of a subjective, non-simple identity (Any identity more complex than race or gender is commonly considered "nationalist") of people who produce, export, and import little, making them not only opportunity-poor, but expensive to allocate for globalist agendas. The globalist is then given incentive to use all domains of available force to pressure the nationalist into conformity under threat of isolation, punishment, and annihilation. Those who do not willfully compete against one another in a global race-to-the-bottom for their labor costs are always the enemy under this regime.

 Perhaps this analysis is being too critical or maybe the globalists have the right of it when you take the vast picture of human nature into consideration. Let's analyze this to be sure that the tone thus far is correct in pitch and intent.

 Explaining global trade is a bit like explaining the flow of electricity from a power plant to a single pixel on a screen. You're going to have to explain thousands of conversion steps and, even upon success, it's such a vast system that few can dare claim complete understanding of it. Even electric engineers use simple short hand to make sense of it:

Burn the fuel, heat the water, spin the magnet, send the subsequent electrons into a power supply, step it down, run them through busses and capacitors and transistors, run them into registers, perform boolean logic several billion times a second, adjust the state of the billions of capacitors in RAM, analyze the state to determine where else to send electrons, send electrons to the monitor, convert the electricity to photons through a wide array of conversion techniques in the monitor, and shoot that photon from the screen into an eyeball.

 International control of human economic activity works along the same type of transmutation chains, (minus rigorous and unforgiving engineering specifications and limitations) where each link within the chain is a bottleneck of power and influence, dictated by legal, financial, and personal relationships of prime movers of that link. In the current mode of globalism, all chains connect to a central arbiter (The Bank of International Settlements) who then determine how additional transmutations ought to occur according to the daily requirements to keep the Bank of International Settlements afloat. They alone allocate how surplus wealth and opportunity appear among member banks. Obviously, under such an arrangement, those who generate the most wealth have a better say in how that wealth gets allocated. If wealth is being generated, everyone is happy. If there is a lapse in the wealth generating mechanism, then things get ugly. Fortunately, the Bank of International Settlements and their subsequent central banks contain a significant volume of intellectuals, academics, scientists, mathematicians, and all-around number wizards to find ways to minimize the pain of adjusting for times when belt-tightening must occur.

 So all is well, yes? A dedicated workforce of experts and specialists should be enough to keep world wealth generation in perpetual balance... but authority carries its own exclusive price points regarding security.

 The power of individual central banks, their relationship with the executive via the treasury, the executive's influence over the military, the military's influence over mass media via PSYOPS/MISOC... and as a backup; central banks relationships with parallel continuity of government apparatuses, continuity of government contingency relationships with prime dealer financiers outside of taxpayer revenue to keep themselves funded, and their legal influence over the military plus the prime dealers relationships with mass media... from a price point position made possible by these relationships, it becomes much cheaper for globalist authority to suppress nationalist energies than incorporate them into globalist agendas.

 Nationalists cannot have a seat at the table and provide valuable critique to the globalist regime until nationalists become more expensive to suppress. The labor, training, and supplies costs for a single executioner is around $40,000 to $60,000 a year when allocated in volume. (That price point is only available to those who can raise armies.) A single executioner asset can exterminate thousands of nationalists a year, making genocide the ideal and cheapest option for the globalists who are facing a down-trending spiral of wealth access. As nationalists, it is your job to stay out of range of this price point as much as possible by driving up the costs of your extermination. How do you do this?

 As stated in 2014, all you have to do is exploit globalist paranoia and make globalist advocates see nationalists in every single manifestation of human activity, especially among potential allies and fringe supporters. Upon doing so, the chances of nationalist extermination are spread among non-nationalists perceived to be nationalists, allowing nationalists an extended survival while exposing the raw power of unchecked globalist petulance among the general population in ways mass media cannot cheaply explain away. Convince the world racism is where it isn't. Make people see violations of equality in trivial matters. Make the world associate you with genocidal maniacs despite the fact you haven't killed a single person. Mass media is in a position where their revenue sources are so spurious, they have to engage in clickbait to pay the bills. Exploit the attention economy and overload the public with unsubstantiated fears of their impending demise at your hands... only to give them access to hilarious memes making fun of the wolf-criers instead. The world has already been trained to fear everything you are and everything you believe in: All you have to do is show how nonchalant you are with this new found power and drive your accusers mad that you aren't abusing power like they are.

 Everyone becomes a nationalist when they become victimized by globalists and their loyal cadre of moral supremacists.


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Cyber War Cometh

Assange dropped a few precommitments.

Precommitments are basically tripwires. Someone went snooping around Wikileaks infrastructure, or the Ecuadorian embassy, or tried to pressure a diplomat, and the precommitment was unleashed.

 Most of us can't do anything with the keys he dropped. Those keys were meant for the NSA. They will be able to scan the insurance file to find where to apply them. This will confirm that the insurance file is the geopolitical nuclear bomb officialdom should fear. He is bypassing his diminshed media power and public participating with those precommitments and sending a message directly to the [pratorian guard running the show].

 If Assange dies, the whole thing is unleashed. If additional automated tripwires are hit, further precommitment will be automatically unleashed. If Assange even feels threatened, additional precommitments will be unleashed. The powers that be will, literally, have to shut off the entire internet for the whole planet for a few days if they want to kill Assange... and even then, that's no guarantee.

 Fortunate for them, President Obama is drumming up "cyber war" as the reason for such a widespread internet blackout to do exactly that.