Cyber War Cometh

Assange dropped a few precommitments.

Precommitments are basically tripwires. Someone went snooping around Wikileaks infrastructure, or the Ecuadorian embassy, or tried to pressure a diplomat, and the precommitment was unleashed.

 Most of us can't do anything with the keys he dropped. Those keys were meant for the NSA. They will be able to scan the insurance file to find where to apply them. This will confirm that the insurance file is the geopolitical nuclear bomb officialdom should fear. He is bypassing his diminshed media power and public participating with those precommitments and sending a message directly to the [pratorian guard running the show].

 If Assange dies, the whole thing is unleashed. If additional automated tripwires are hit, further precommitment will be automatically unleashed. If Assange even feels threatened, additional precommitments will be unleashed. The powers that be will, literally, have to shut off the entire internet for the whole planet for a few days if they want to kill Assange... and even then, that's no guarantee.

 Fortunate for them, President Obama is drumming up "cyber war" as the reason for such a widespread internet blackout to do exactly that.

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