The Pivot

 I have not posted in some time because I wanted to watch the result of the election play out. I wanted to see what the emotional addicts, the social justice warriors, and the rest of the irrationals would do when their “Right Side of History” cult was deprived of executive privilege. I also wanted to see what the nationalists, [who have been long since been abandoned by the system of social and economic support]head.1), would do with their new found representation. Finally, I wanted to see what the entrenched powers would do to protect their cult state.

 The results are in after one hundred days: Nationalists, those who believe the productivity and output of their efforts belong to their people and neighbors, are still reviled as racial supremacists despite a pro-citizen theme having sufficient representation in the leadership position of the executive branch. In fact, the cult state doubled down on the urgency to purge them from influence. Why?

 Why is the idea of the productive output of a people belonging to that people such a sin? The reasoning dates back to the artifacts of civilization itself.

 Alexander the Great was the first to demonstrate that mankind could be unified despite differences between language, cultural, and religious expectations. Alexander laid the foundation for the expectations of future globalists, giving them hope that all of mankind could be domesticated into a singular direction to supersede their local and tangible concerns. In attempting to fulfill this lofty goal, he successfully reallocated the gold assets accumulated during the long reign of Babylonian antiquity into the Mediterranean economy. His dream, shaped by Aristotle, had secured a heart-stopping volume of wealth for him, his peers, and the rest of all subsequent Western civilization. This promise of wealth recentralization is what all globalists yearn for when they embrace the platitudes of equality. The unification of mankind is sold as a moral end, but it is actually a pragmatic means of achieving wealth recentralization.

 In this paradigm, the nationalist is a member of a subjective, non-simple identity (Any identity more complex than race or gender is commonly considered "nationalist") of people who produce, export, and import little, making them not only opportunity-poor, but expensive to allocate for globalist agendas. The globalist is then given incentive to use all domains of available force to pressure the nationalist into conformity under threat of isolation, punishment, and annihilation. Those who do not willfully compete against one another in a global race-to-the-bottom for their labor costs are always the enemy under this regime.

 Perhaps this analysis is being too critical or maybe the globalists have the right of it when you take the vast picture of human nature into consideration. Let's analyze this to be sure that the tone thus far is correct in pitch and intent.

 Explaining global trade is a bit like explaining the flow of electricity from a power plant to a single pixel on a screen. You're going to have to explain thousands of conversion steps and, even upon success, it's such a vast system that few can dare claim complete understanding of it. Even electric engineers use simple short hand to make sense of it:

Burn the fuel, heat the water, spin the magnet, send the subsequent electrons into a power supply, step it down, run them through busses and capacitors and transistors, run them into registers, perform boolean logic several billion times a second, adjust the state of the billions of capacitors in RAM, analyze the state to determine where else to send electrons, send electrons to the monitor, convert the electricity to photons through a wide array of conversion techniques in the monitor, and shoot that photon from the screen into an eyeball.

 International control of human economic activity works along the same type of transmutation chains, (minus rigorous and unforgiving engineering specifications and limitations) where each link within the chain is a bottleneck of power and influence, dictated by legal, financial, and personal relationships of prime movers of that link. In the current mode of globalism, all chains connect to a central arbiter (The Bank of International Settlements) who then determine how additional transmutations ought to occur according to the daily requirements to keep the Bank of International Settlements afloat. They alone allocate how surplus wealth and opportunity appear among member banks. Obviously, under such an arrangement, those who generate the most wealth have a better say in how that wealth gets allocated. If wealth is being generated, everyone is happy. If there is a lapse in the wealth generating mechanism, then things get ugly. Fortunately, the Bank of International Settlements and their subsequent central banks contain a significant volume of intellectuals, academics, scientists, mathematicians, and all-around number wizards to find ways to minimize the pain of adjusting for times when belt-tightening must occur.

 So all is well, yes? A dedicated workforce of experts and specialists should be enough to keep world wealth generation in perpetual balance... but authority carries its own exclusive price points regarding security.

 The power of individual central banks, their relationship with the executive via the treasury, the executive's influence over the military, the military's influence over mass media via PSYOPS/MISOC... and as a backup; central banks relationships with parallel continuity of government apparatuses, continuity of government contingency relationships with prime dealer financiers outside of taxpayer revenue to keep themselves funded, and their legal influence over the military plus the prime dealers relationships with mass media... from a price point position made possible by these relationships, it becomes much cheaper for globalist authority to suppress nationalist energies than incorporate them into globalist agendas.

 Nationalists cannot have a seat at the table and provide valuable critique to the globalist regime until nationalists become more expensive to suppress. The labor, training, and supplies costs for a single executioner is around $40,000 to $60,000 a year when allocated in volume. (That price point is only available to those who can raise armies.) A single executioner asset can exterminate thousands of nationalists a year, making genocide the ideal and cheapest option for the globalists who are facing a down-trending spiral of wealth access. As nationalists, it is your job to stay out of range of this price point as much as possible by driving up the costs of your extermination. How do you do this?

 As stated in 2014, all you have to do is exploit globalist paranoia and make globalist advocates see nationalists in every single manifestation of human activity, especially among potential allies and fringe supporters. Upon doing so, the chances of nationalist extermination are spread among non-nationalists perceived to be nationalists, allowing nationalists an extended survival while exposing the raw power of unchecked globalist petulance among the general population in ways mass media cannot cheaply explain away. Convince the world racism is where it isn't. Make people see violations of equality in trivial matters. Make the world associate you with genocidal maniacs despite the fact you haven't killed a single person. Mass media is in a position where their revenue sources are so spurious, they have to engage in clickbait to pay the bills. Exploit the attention economy and overload the public with unsubstantiated fears of their impending demise at your hands... only to give them access to hilarious memes making fun of the wolf-criers instead. The world has already been trained to fear everything you are and everything you believe in: All you have to do is show how nonchalant you are with this new found power and drive your accusers mad that you aren't abusing power like they are.

 Everyone becomes a nationalist when they become victimized by globalists and their loyal cadre of moral supremacists.


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