What Is A Cult State?

 Three days after Barack Obama won his first term as President in 2008, I created CultState.com. By that time, I had spent nearly a decade dealing with the hip-hop community in a variety of capacities. (mixer, producer, performer, programmer, etc.) The black American community has long been a guinea pig for mass disenfranchisement experiments: destruction of self-contained communities in favor of ineffective integration, watering down their communal identity by lumping it in with cosmopolitan humanism, targeted assassination and intimidation of key talent and influencers, the intentional promotion and intentional sacrifice of Messianic figures, and the accelerated mass fragmentation we lovingly labeled "individualism". The purpose behind these experiments wasn't just to counter the tremendous Soviet Russian agitation of yet another neglected demographic, but also how to successfully counter such collectivist agitation where ever it appears next. This was all performed with the now antiquated instruments of social psychology and 1950s-era "cutting edge" developments in sociology. The most successful means of stopping the viral effects of such planned agitation was to preemptively destroy each individual's capacity and instincts to engage in spontaneous organization. It was as if Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Ayn Rand decided to raise a community of children and then suddenly abandon them on the island in Lord of the Flies.

 I had spent one-fifth of my life living in the fallout of that policy during my most impressionable years. I had witnessed first hand how rampant drug use, alcoholism, mass parental negligence, and displacement of productivity by economy-of-scale supermarkets and department stores wiped out community bonds and relationships. I had personally been targeted with sustained physical, psychological, and violent sexual abuse by these intentionally feral "adult humans". For the first five years of my life, I lived in a city that experienced three murders a day. Hip-hop culture didn't appeal to me because I wanted be some edgy white kid. Those early conditions became the only reality I really understood well and anything stable and consistent was alien. I had been bounced between six sets of parents/guardians by the time I was ten, so I had no point of reference for what "white culture" was or how to relate to "middle class" kids. The two lingering aspects I've retained from that ordeal was to read people's behavior and evaluate their turmoil exposure, and the music created by that turmoil. The latter would become a ten year profession, but the former would become my foundation for everything else.

 Music is an essential and naturally occurring expression of organic collectivism. Under the conditions of shared suffering based on easily-identifiable characteristics such as race, music acts as a functional conduit of intuitive identity communication. With such a powerful foundation of collective expression, your shared identity synchronizes the behavior of your peers into amazing places and outcomes. Unfortunately, adversaries can poison, disrupt, and undermine that identity steer the mass behavior into horrifying places as well.

 The Internet started as a fun place to explore, but it was destined to be the infrastructure for a massively multi-player continuous Skinner box. The level of precise measurement and control over the exposure and propagation of cultural identifiers was unprecedented. That control over the flow of culture would eventually become the forefront of a new means of organic collectivism: mass spontaneous distributed collectivism. Hip-hop was very much the music of a warrior culture. Violence, respect, and camaraderie are extremely common themes. In this new Internet world, resolving conflict through violence wasn't possible, so “battling” (rap competitions for the unaware) became the primary means of conflict resolution. The art of battling was never intended to take on that role, especially in a medium where crowd reaction could not be intuitively inferred. This led to endlessly escalating disputes that no clear victor could emerge from, and thus, no respect could be established. By November 4th of 2008, after many years of dispute and community conflict caused by this new reality, I had realized the Internet's ability to convert pre-Internet cultures I had been a part of had become Skinner box microcosms of Marxian permanent revolution. What started as an intuitive understanding of norms and shared suffering eventually became meaningless ritual. Without violent resolution to create clear winners and losers, all norms had lost their functional character and, instead, we found ourselves leveraging the attention economy to evaluate status and supremacy. The symbols of the culture, crucial to identification and context acquisition, became more important to defend than the experiences the culture created. Protecting whatever mythology that managed to game the Skinner box the most effectively became a higher priority than protecting the people that made up the fabric of that mythology. The individual contributions to *steer the mythology** of the tribe went from dark mystical work to a fumbling pseudoscience to the weekend activity of a bored script kiddie. Few properly recognized what was happening, but I believed because of this gradual reality replacement, we had unwittingly slipped into a cult. We no longer owned our communal outcomes and, instead, we served the Web 2.0 technopriest caste: *We create the content, they collect the paycheck.

 The election of Barack Obama had brilliantly demonstrated the complete and total conversion of a suffering people, rife with angst and frustration, into a pliable cult that would end up worshiping the very institutions that brought them suffering in the first place. By embodying the flow of all prior mythology into a single man, it was possible to conflate the suffering of the black American experience with completely unrelated Jewish, homosexual, transgender, and other Weimerian manufactured mythologies. The experience of the ghetto had became commoditized as a badge of purchasable authenticity. The 1960s monopoly on resistance turned into a subscription service. The ambitious and clever were mass incarcerated, leaving only the docile and the suggestable. And the blackmail... the endless amount of blackmail, extortion, and forced cooperation made possible by ever-expanding laws... it fractured whatever remaining bonds existed within that community to the point phrases like "snitches get stitches" became half meme, half policy. I had witnessed the complete life cycle of a cult state within my own lifetime, but because I had witnessed it alone, I was aggressively targeted by the flock who simply couldn't see how boiled their frogs were. Upon further inspect, I concluded this technique of steering mythology wasn't invented solely for the purpose of controlling the behavior of the black American experience. It had been done to hundreds of thousands of communities throughout history. To ask the question "What did the black community do to deserve this fate?" is the wrong question that sadly accelerates the intended downward spiral. It's important to realize that myths compete for cultural assets and that competition consumes and enlists all other domains of human activity such as industry, commerce, defense, religion, and science. Because of the explosive nature of this competition, steering mythology also steers the outcome of all domains claimed by mythology. This means that steering mythology is not only the secret of civil order, it is the full-time job of those who preserve influence over all civil order. Instead of asking why did one culture have their mythology steered so horribly, let us start with another question, "Who else was having their mythologies steered?"

The South Korean Cult State

 In 2016, a massive scandal involving South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil resulted in a collapse of the South Korean government. Soon-sil was the daughter of Choi Tae-min, a cult leader and influential personality considered the "Korean Rasputin". Tae-min's influence over Park's was cited as a reason the former director of the KCIA assassinated Park's father. Soon-sil would eventually comfort Park after the loss of both parents and build a relationship that would exert tremendous influence over the future president. What were the Chois doing? How did mere cult leader manage to secure the kind of influence that could be passed down to his daughter?

 Tae-min's cult was born in the 1970s, a period well-documented for its dramatic rise of cults in all nations under Western influence. The 1960s had made ridiculous promises of material Utopia to counter the ridiculous reality of global nuclear annihilation. It was a period where people grew angry at blustering nation-states driving even the most minor disputes into an instantly escalating into a game of nuclear chicken. This generation wanted out of the impending mutual mass destruction and were willing to do whatever it takes to keep the Earth free of nuclear bombardment. Whatever it takes. We often hear that phrase thrown around in popular media, but few are truly capable of executing on those guidelines. When nuclear annihilation is on the table, an individuals dedication to such guidelines still isn't enough. You have to also make sure other people do whatever it takes to prevent the nukes from going off, even if they don't want to. Even if it is against their own immediate interests. By arrangement of the Cold War, the Koreas were predestined to become one of the first dominoes for cascading nuclear Armageddon, thus, they were predestined to be one of the most susceptible to doomsday cult leaders like Tae-min.

 Each nation has heads of state, politicians, bankers, generals, and popular entertainers to help steer the mythology of that nation. When faced with the threat of nuclear catastrophe, those key people have to be made to do whatever it takes (and again, even against their own immediate interests) to ensure their own survival and to prevent them of even accidentally escalating conflict in a complex geopolitical game involving nuclear arms. Does a rowdy politician have to be put down? Does an impatient general need to be put into check? Does an entertainer with a loud mouth need to be silenced? You could assassinate any one of these theoretical players, but then you have to contend with their remaining influence networks and now you have a whole mess on your hands that will take decades to manage. It's best if these players of influence managed themselves. What if blackmail could be planted on these players in a way which would destroy the social and political reputation of powerful people and decouple them from their influence? If that were possible, then that player can be made to play by the rules, even if it was against their own interests. If a whole network of blackmailed assets were made in such a manner, you could steer geopolitical ambitions in a more predictable and managed way. You could, theoretically, assert control over the playing field and minimize unintended nuclear escalation.

 Each nation has its own taboos, but some of those taboos can change over time with media and political pressure. For example, many countries, adultery and homosexuality is met with extreme social stigma, punishment, and even death. If one was to create blackmail that was nearly-universal and grand in scale, one would have to look no further than violent pedophilia. With the advent of film, a person can be coerced to engage in not only pedophilia behavior, but to also kill the child after wards while being filmed. This would bind the person and all of their influence to whoever owned the footage. As you scale this technique out to compromise more and more powerful people, you need more and more film footage, storage facilities, and... thousands upon thousands of children on a near annual basis. How does one create the necessary loyal handlers to facilitate this unbelievably gruesome and horrifying type of blackmail creation? A doomsday cult provides all of the trials and training needed to select for the most loyal who will go to any lengths to appease the faith.

 Choi Soon-sil, the daughter of the doomsday cult leader Choi Tae-min and dear friend of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, used to run kindergartens between the 1980s and 2008. South Korea is a known point of distribution for human trafficking for many Western Asia countries. This combination of factors, when interpreted as infrastructure of a blackmail network, can destabilize entire governments and that is exactly why the director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency mentioned his fear of Tae-min as a prime reason for the assassination of Geun-hye's father.

 South Korea was a cult state.


 NXIVM is a Amway-style multi-tier marketing company that sells self-improvement techniques. It was founded by Keith Raniere, an advertising executive and excessively charismatic personality. He successfully attracted high profile people to his cult and managed to bring in not just both Sara and Clare Bronfman, but a considerable chunk of their wealth as well. Sarah and Clare are the daughters of the former World Jewish Congress president Edgar Bronfman Sr. and heiresses to the Seagramm's estate. They are the half-sister of Edger Bronfman Jr., the former chairman of Warner Music Group.

 The same Warner Music Group I used to work for. The same Warner Music Group that asked me to reverse engineer technologies that posed a file sharing threat. The same Warner Music Group where, on my very first day, I diplomatically purchased a bottle of everyone's favorite liquor to help head off future office turf battles. I hinted to all of this in the Soundcloud song "Underbelly" I released a month before Kanye went full Dragon Energy. This was the same Warner Music Group where I was on a proto-data science job to collect as much engagement and sales data as possible to answer the question "How many records did this Tweet influence the sale on?"

 Bronfman Jr. left in January of 2012, six months after I was let go, and sacked a huge swath of the company. You can learn a lot about people's secrets when that kind of mass expulsion affects that many people. I certainly learned a lot. Four other nodes in my network are one-step removed from Clare and they all descended upon me once I went public on 8chan about my New Emotion theory. Needless to say, when Clare's $100M bail was paid off, I responded by putting out a precommitment about heresy. Two months prior to that, a particularly "resourceful" player managed to get a copy of a file in a shared Google Drive account which contained the overview of a very specific type of technology that would be incredibly and irreversibly disruptive. The heresy precommitment message was exclusively for that player and their team. I'm still negotiating how best to handle these four nodes in my network as the situation evolves.

 What was NXIVM doing? Their "research" fell under the category of improving "human potential". Their multi-tiered hierarchy is designed to promote commitment to loyalty. NXIVM requested members to submit blackmail material about themselves to progress through the ranks. The higher they went, the more severe the blackmail, the more they could build out a workforce to perform illegal operations. NXIVM was deeply interested in unethical and unmonitored 1930s-style experimentation upon human states and conditions. A simple search will reveal some of their more unorthodox experiments They not only claimed to research, understand, measure, and improve human potential, but they found people who were seeking the same thing, both as members and as investors.

 What's so important about unlocking human potential? Why aren't we good enough as we are right now? We may have gone from stone-wielding tribals to Twitter-wielding tribals in about 5,000 years, but we've also unlocked a great many secrets about nature to help us out along the way. Arguably, our talents and potential is good enough for the original order of things, but what about the nuclear order of things? Is the baseline human condition, with its emotional messiness and propensity for tribal spite, sufficient to navigate a world where nuclear escalation is always one Tweet away? Once again, we find ourselves in the situation where our capacity to destroy everything has to be managed... and once again, blackmail is essential to create the loyalty to make people act in a manner that is management-compliant. South Korea is just one of the almost two hundred nation Nuclear World Order where each members loyalty is enforced via a blackmail network of violent pedophilia. NXIVM's marketing exploited the fears announced by the Nuclear World Order to discover ways to make the human condition better suited for this nuclear arrangement. The two not only channeled the same fear to justify their actions, but they have a logistical overlap for blackmail network management as well.


 Those of you who have followed my work will remember I've make a bold prediction where "psychohistory becomes a real science" I not only meant psychohistory in the obvious Asimovian manner, but also in the less obvious Liftonian manner. His work on Thought Reform and Psychology of Totalism explains all of the steps required to create a completely false reality for large numbers of people. His study of the subject focused on the Chinese communist ability to "brainwash" American servicemen and Chinese citizenry into ideological compliance.(1) Here is a great critical analysis that applies Lifton's work to NVIXM's "Executive Success Program" product. It paints a picture that NXIVM engaged in Liftonian totalism, or the practice of establishing total control over human behavior and thought. Lifton's 1999 book "Destroying the World to Save It" applies his totalism concept to the cult founded by recently-executed leader of the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo who ordered a sarin attack on a Japanese subway in 1995. He stated players such as Aum are the prototype of what kind of leadership will dominate in a world that continues to fragment its collective identity and cultural consistency.

 South Korea has been ground zero for a severe nuclear escalation, allowing the Chois to flourish. Japan has been the recipient of repeated nuclear attacks and had collectively experienced ego death, allowing Aum Shinrikyo to flourish. NXIVM targeted Americans who grew up during the threat of mutually assured destruction, allowing Keith Raniere to flourish. Are you beginning to see the connection? The human psyche did not evolve to endure under the sustained threat of global nuclear destruction and it should be of no surprise the subsequent aberrant behavior caused by those conditions will be not only be exploited, but intentionally cultivated for the sake of exploitation. Those types of leaders excel that steering mythology because they find ways to BECOME the center of communal mythology.

 Lifton is technically incomplete but essentially correct in his analysis. The central mythology of all cult states, present and future, will be this: Not only is the world doomed from a menagerie of candidates (nuclear catastrophe, demographic displacement, AI killing machines, environmental disaster, destruction of Westphalia comprehensions, etc.), but each of us has an impulsive drive to accidentally accelerate that collective doom. Therefore, only those who can enforce and ensure loyalty are destined to rule because the collective is too fragmented to reach actionable consensus. The most effective way to establish loyalty across the world stage is through he footage and kompromat generated by violent pedophilia blackmail networks. This creates a One Ring scenario which allows for the owner of those videos to bend corporations, politicians, generals, and bankers to the owner's will, regardless of communal consensus. It will also attract the most ruthless players who want such immense power for themselves. This blackmail network is essential to managing the actors within nuclear paradigm in a predictable manner, but technological advancements are beginning to directly threaten the management of the blackmail network itself. The two biggest factors are Moore's Law and the rise of Gnostic Warfare.

The Fall of the Oracles

 Moore's Law states the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. By doubling the transistor density, the time to perform information labor halves. This results in the reduction of price for media creation, data analysis, and data collection while simultaneously increasing its distribution potential. This also drives an increase of the volume of domestic and foreign signal analysis competition against bloated, unaccountable centralized state-backed intelligence agencies. As Moore's Law makes information processing cheaper, the blackmail network that keeps the nuclear paradigm stable can be discovered, evaluated, and captured in part or in whole by any upcoming competition. Deterring this outcome has become increasingly difficult for state actors as processors, data centers, and data science techniques become cheaper and more abundant. The Hapsburg-dominated Church once experienced this same exact problem within the context of the printing press, and in a way, the transistor is the American printing press, but that's an analysis for another day.

 The insurance file for Julian Assange is a massive collection of encrypted data. The unencrypted contents of that file have kept him alive through two administrations. This has made him a difficult person to make an example out of because I suspect within that insurance file is a significant number of video footage, images, and information about the blackmail network. Upon Assange's death, his deadman switch will activate, and the key to unlock those files will be available to all who have downloaded the file. What options do central intelligence agencies have to thwart this trend?

  • Isolate Assange and compromise Wikileaks to help ruin their perception. None of that stopped Snowden, the OPM leaks, or the DNC leaks.
  • Identify and disrupt the communication methodologies of supporters/insurance file benefactors. None of that stopped the GamerGate, MAGA, or the Q phenomenon.
  • Disrupt DNS infrastructure to prevent key distribution. That doesn't stop sneakernet/old school semaphore deadman switches.
  • Slander supporters with the power of mainstream media. None of that stopped the election of Trump.
  • Normalize and inevitably legalize pedophilia to reduce the stigma and penalty of the guilty. These kinds of initiatives currently aren't trending very well and are expected to result in tremendous political backlash.
  • Shut down the entire Internet to prevent insurance file distribution. This would be suicidal for the guilty since that kind of blackout also means unrestrained mass detainment of those within the insurance file.

 The rise of Gnostic Warfare (cognitive operations that subvert both the psychology of humans and the analysis of neural networks) has procured additional tools that, when brought to scale, specifically counter many of these efforts:

  • Butterfly War: A strategy to bring direct executive branch involvement into social media companies for their civil rights violations caused by "cyber phrenological" practices that discriminate against minorities.
  • Incorrect Synonyms: A technique of intentionally using the wrong synonym in messages to expose interactive bots trying to push the normalization of pedophilia.
  • Heretical: Technology that can help narrow down the "shape" of prime numbers to dramatically reduce encryption cracking efforts. This is what my recent precommitment is about.
  • Icarus: A total and complete pandemonium machine that destroys all media influence for good and will most certainly cause another Thirty Year's War. This is my deadman switch.

 Each of these tools can cause serious problems for what the Qanons have lovingly dubbed "clown world" (Also known as the Demiurge in gnostic parlance.) It's important to understand that, no matter how the chess pieces position themselves, the CIA (a primary and self-funding organ of the Deep State) will not be able to operate with Cold War-era impunity. To make matters worse, they will violently resist every attempt at being reined in. Intra-agency conflict, private company competition, and spontaneous online hiveminds have steadily chipped away at their monopoly as praetorians over the past twenty years. Moore's Law will fuel the Gnostic Warfare to make the blackmail network more accessible to non-state actors. The technology of media has changed. Steering mythology has fundamentally changed. The infrastructure of the Nuclear World Order has not and it is being forced to change as we speak.

 Over the next few weeks, I will begin to elaborate on the concept of robotic nationalism as a viable alternative to blackmail network management that not only successfully shields us from nuclear Armageddon, but prepares society to leverage space economics for its own material and social betterment. The spontaneous organization that was such a threat to the nuclear management model of humanity becomes an essential feature under robotic nationalism. As I've said in the past, all of this ends in the conquest of the stars.


[1]: For the record, I have reservations about Lifton's conclusion in the Protean Self since his assumptions of a "relativist society" implies America being the sole bearer of relativism while everyone else gets to preserve their ethnic, racial, and national identities. A less popular, but functionally equivalent, model of "relativist society" can also be achieved by a network of individual nations preserving their culture against one another.

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